1. What is IPR Olympiad?

Ans: The IPR Olympiad is an online examination designed for school students, undergraduate college students, teachers, researchers and professionals across streams targeting, aimed at driving awareness about intellectual property rights, copyright, patents, trademark, geographical indication, industrial design and trade secrets among the Indian youth.


2. What is the mode of the examination? Is there any center to give away the examination?

Ans: Student can appear for exam via laptop, desktop & even from your smart phone also. There is no physical center for the exam.


3. Is there a likelihood of cheating if students take exam from home?

Ans: We can’t rule out possibility of students using unfair means. In fact, cheating does take place in school environment as well. It all depends upon the personal integrity of students and parents. We think that these Olympiad exams are stepping stones to larger and more competitive exams later in life. The basic intent of these exams is to give a flavour of competitive exams to students who are deprived of similar exams in their schools. In case, you aren’t comfortable with the idea of taking such exams from home, we would request you not to register.


4. What is your refund policy?

Ans: We do not refund part or full fees paid under any circumstances.


5. If I have any doubt in questions/answers of the IPR Olympiad, how can I reach to you?

Ans: You can challenge those questions/answers on the answer key page itself. Select the option which you think is correct and give an explanation for the same. Then click on the challenge button to challenge. Our Academic Council will review the questions/answers and will update the score accordingly.


6. Do you accept individual registrations for IPR Olympiad?

Ans: One of the objectives of IPR Olympiad is to enable every student to take Olympiad exams and compete against his/her peers across India and abroad. In case, a student is unable to register for Olympiad exam through school, he/she can register IPR Olympiad directly.


7. What is the structure and pattern of the examination?

Ans: Please visit this link to read about the structure and pattern of  IPR Olympiad exam.


8. Is there any fee for registration?

Ans: Yes. Please click here to know the fee structure.


9. What is the syllabus for college students?

Ans: Syllabus for the exam including: Patent, copyright, Trademark, Trade secrets and Geographical indication. When you will get registered for the exam after making successful payment, you can access to the course content.


10. Is there any negative marking?

Ans: No


11. Is syllabus of school and college student is different?

Ans: Yes. To know more click here


12. Will student receive any participation certification?

Ans: Each candidate will get a participation certificate & a mark sheet.


13. I still have a query. How can it be solved?

Ans: Kindly write your query to iprolympiad2019@gmail.com and we’ll feel pleasure to assist you.