Campus Facilitator

Are you an influencer? 

Are you waiting for an opportunity to prove yourself as a leader, and guide your friends?

Are you enthusiastic, for learning new things?

If yes, you are at the right place!!

We are an IPR based society on a mission to promote the  technical and innovative skills, to generate awareness and create curiosity amongst students, entrepreneurs, start-ups, individuals, in-house legal corporates, and other individuals who are connected directly or indirectly to IPR. Imagine a world complete of liberty and opportunities. A world where your passion can be discovered and turned into your profession. A world where more than your university degree, your practical skills matter. A world where you feel free to choose your carrer.

Who are we looking for?
Professors/Teachers with a powerful sense of empathy who loves serving and assisting others. Someone who likes to interact with individuals and is proud of how their activities make this world a better place to live-one happy customer at a moment.


Skill(s) required:  Strong Communication skills, self-confidence, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership skills, Self-Motivated, Promotional & marketing skills.


What will you learn from this Olympiad?
You will learn communication skills and the art of being user-friendly, thereby improving your soft skills. You’re going to get the knack of motivating customers and building relationships with them. You’ll also learn the truth about how the corporate world operates.