Why Sponsor

Sponsorship: Help us celebrate the profession.

The IPR Olympiad is framed as a competition, but it is more than that: it is a celebration. And one of our core purpose is to construct a society and to create a sense of pride, as are similar festive events. Searching IPR often seems esoteric, many outside the realm of intellectual property have no idea what it really is, or why it matters. They have no idea why there are tools for it, or special courses, or what it takes to be really good at it.

We’d like that to change:

We want IPR professionals/researchers/students to be proud of their actions. We want it to be amazing. And we want others to know how incredible this profession can be. You understand why the work that you do matters when you are part of the IPR information community.

Together, let’s celebrate it.

Will you join us?

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To know more, email at iprolympiad2019@gmail.com